Learning to work with the Elements can be very empowering and healing. Being able to identify where we are out of balance and what needs to shift for us to come into alignment with the Universal Energy Shifts that are occurring, can truly benefit everyone.

 When ALL ELEMENTS are IN BALANCE, we are Full Of Energy And Vitality!

When we are in our natural state of interacting with nature, we absorb all elemental energies constantly and are able to maintain a state of dynamic balance. When we are disconnected from our natural elements, it becomes more difficult for us and we become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually depleted.

There are Five Primary Elements...Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Storm. These bands of energy are carried within you as well as by the Earth itself. Each Element is identifiable by a set of characteristics and energy frequencies that are distinct to that element.

You were born with a specific combination of energies that give you strengths in certain areas and opportunities to grow in others. The breakdown of you specific combination can be found in your Birth Chart.

Below you will find a description of the Water Element and suggestions on how to work with it.


WATER Element – Emotions, Communication & Cleansing

Astrology Signs: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

EMOTIONS, COMMUNICATION & CLEANSING through release, are the powers that are embodied by the Water Element. It has the ability to move around blockages and create new pathways for energy to travel and also stimulates nurturance and intuition. By utilizing communication to express emotional energy, those energies can be released in a healthy & productive way to stimulate rejuvenation emotionally and physically. Our hearts are where this energy is felt, the throat is where it is expressed or released. Water Energy encourages adaptability and strength by teaching us to follow the path of least go with the flow.

Out of Balance:
Huge emotional highs, deep depressing lows, inability to communicate feelings or needs, excessive talk of problems
& unable to take action, manipulating others with words, inability to cope with stress, neediness & avoidance of quiet introspection.  Feeling disconnected, fear of intimacy, unable to nurture others or experience compassion or joy.

In Balance:
We are able to honestly experience & release emotions as they arise; including what is in our hearts even in difficult situations. Express empathy with emotional states of others, show compassion, express love and offer support where appropriate. The ability to access our receptive side of self, the subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind.

Cleansing Actions that Balance the Water Element:

(Stimulating for Earth, Calming for Fire & Wind)
The act of crying is a powerful tool that we naturally use to release pent up emotions and energy, as is Sound. Allow yourself time to express & release your emotions, cry frequently. Speak your truth knowing what we speak, we create. Seek a supportive community; explore working with Crystals, Water Elixirs and Sound Therapy such as Chanting.

Sacred Journey Stone Support - January/February Featured Water Stones:
If Water is one of the Elements you need support with, trust your intuition to choose a Stone that will support you with all that you need.

Here are just a few I to inspire you...Chrysoprase, Larimar, Prehnite.
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AFFIRMATION:  I Open My Heart & Share it with Others; I Express Myself Clearly and I Hear & Speak My Truth. (Speak it!  See it!  Feel it!  Trust it!)

Chakras: 4th Heart (Anahata) & 5th Throat (Visudda)        Colours: Blue, Green & Pink