Learning to work with the Elements can be very empowering and healing. Being able to identify where we are out of balance and what needs to shift for us to come into alignment with the Universal Energy Shifts that are occurring, can truly benefit everyone.

We are Full Of Energy And Vitality!

When we are in our natural state of interacting with nature, we absorb all elemental energies constantly and are able to maintain a state of dynamic balance. When we are disconnected from our natural elements, it becomes more difficult for us and we become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually depleted.

There are Five Primary Elements...Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Storm. These bands of energy are carried within you as well as by the Earth itself. Each Element is identifiable by a set of characteristics and energy frequencies that are distinct to that element.

You were born with a specific combination of energies that give you strengths in certain areas and opportunities to grow in others. The breakdown of your specific combination can be found in your Birth Chart.

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Below you will find a description of each of the elements, suggestions on how you can incorporate working with the Elements in Your Daily Life:

About the Elements and Your Numbers in Your Birth Chart

  • In Astrology there are 4 Elements...Fire, Earth, Air & Water

  • In the Crystal World we work with 5, with the addition of Storm. Which is more of an event that an Element. (see Storm for more info)

  • In the Birth Charts I share, I include 16 Celestial Bodies.
  • When you divide 16 by the 4 Elements you get 4. Giving us a general indicator of 4 being balanced.

  • Each of the 16 Celestial Bodies are positioned in a specific sign when you were born. Each Sign is associated with a specific Element. It is the tally of these Elements that show us the Energies you chose at a Soul Level to work with to assist you on your journey in this lifetime.

  • Think of the Elements as arrows guiding you to choices you can make to help you bring balance in all areas of your life, to help to strengthen you for your journey.

FIRE Element - Energy, Vitality, Creation, Will Power, Action & Transformation

Astrology Signs: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

TRANSFORMATION & TRANSMUTATION is what Fire is all about. It governs our ability to creatively express ourselves artistically, sexually, & other forms of direct energetic communication and to manipulate our reality by use of our will.

The Element of Fire can be rather dangerous when not appropriately expressed. Fires powerful cleansing & energy moving properties can greatly enhance the flow of healing energy through the body, which can in turn affect our emotions. It gives us the passion to create & manifest, including our purpose or mission in life.

Out of Balance:

Feeling apathetic, depressed, lost, without faith, disconnection, Inactivity or lethargy, poor digestion, chronic coldness, fear of confrontation or to express one’s opinion, sexual disorders, reproductive challenges, insomnia, self abuse, inflammatory diseases, powerlessness, habitual anger, hypercriticism, and anxiety attacks.

In Balance:
Positive Creative Flow, you feel good about sexual expression & potency, hormones and sexual drive are stable. You can easily express your passion and tap into your intuition. You have strong metabolism, physical & life force energy as well as feeling empowered. Fire in balance encourages us to take action to create & transform.

Transformational Actions that Balance the Fire Element:
(Stimulating for Earth & Water, Calming for Wind)
Creative energy can be raised through meditation – sending energy up the chakra column to transform the energy centers, releasing blockages bringing vibrancy and vitality to our energy fields. Smudging and learn exercises to cleanse our energy fields and environments regularly. Frequent self evaluation to eliminate what is no longer serving us.

Supportive Fire Stones:
If Fire is one of the Elements you need support with, trust your intuition to choose Stones that will support you with all that you need.

Here are just a few I to inspire you...Carnelian, Tigers Eye & Malachite.
Click here to see a complete list of Fire Stones we carry.

AFFIRMATION:  I am loved by the People in My Life; I am filled with Creativity and Trust My Intuition! (Speak it!  See it!  Feel it!  Trust it!)

Chakras: 2nd Sacral (Svadhisthana) & 3rd Solar Plexus (Manipura)  Colours: Red, Orange, & Yellow

 EARTH Element - Physical, Grounding, Stabilizing & Manifestation

Astrology Signs: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

GROUNDING  & STABILIZING are the daily needs of the body. Earth is physicality for us and provides the means to maintain our physical form, and also governs our home, family, foundation and finances – the material world. The Element of Earth allows us to manifest our ideas and act effectively in our lives. Balancing the Earth Element energy within our body is extremely important to our overall health. It has a calming influence on the other elemental energies that can be very useful to assist in bringing other elements into balance.

Out of Balance:
Improper nourishment, being over or under weight, under or over exercising, lack of stamina, feeling spacey and ungrounded. Issues relating to survival, isolation tendencies, money, not connecting to your life’s work, fear of death or injury, obsession with possessions and manifestation blockages.

In Balance:
Feeling secure, physical health, strength and stamina, feeling connected to nature and supported by the Universe. When in balance and connected to the Earth Element, we are able to manifest our needs with grace and ease. We have a sense of connection to place, family and our tribe.

Grounding Actions that Balance the Earth Element:
(Calming to all Elemental Energies)
Connecting with nature, going for a walk in the woods & bare foot contact with the earth to absorb its electromagnetic energy. Caring for our bodies through proper nutrition, physical activities, massage etc. Aligning ourselves with Earth Energy through crystals & meditations can increase our ability to take action to care for our health & wellbeing.
If you are interested in sources to help you with this element I am happy share my resources and local contacts either via email.

Supportive Earth Stones:
If Earth is one of the Elements you need support with, trust your intuition to choose Stones that will support you with all that you need.

Here are just a few I to inspire you...Garnet, Jet & Peridot.
Click here to see a complete list of Earth Stones we carry.

AFFIRMATION:  “I am Rooted in my Life and in My Body, I am Stable, Safe & Secure”!
(Speak it!  See it!  Feel it!  Trust it!)

Chakras: Earth Heart Chakra (located approximately 6" below the soles of your feet)

1st - Root (Muladhara)    Colours: Red, Black, Brown, & Crimson

 AIR/WIND Element - Mind, Inspiration & Spiritual Connection

Astrology Signs: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

MIND, INSPIRATION & SPIRITUAL CONNECTION are the Forces of Air. Its energy is about movement, spiritual power, receiving messages from a distance and communion with guides and angels. It also governs our imagination, inner vision, psychic ability, foresight & our mental aspects. In order for our Air Element understanding to be useful here on the Earth plane, we need to bring our experiences back to this plane by grounding them through feeling and expressing our ideas, messages, intuition & experiences and act upon them, through manifestation & creation.

Not in Balance:
Common imbalances occur when we focus on “Enlightenment” without grounding our experience in the here and now. This could include difficulty manifesting, making decisions, thinking clearly, meditating, receiving spiritual guidance, lack of imagination or intellectual creativity, negativity, and the inability to perceive the effects of our actions. 

It is the integration of Air into the Earth Plane that represents the true Spiritual Path. The balance between Earth and Air is one of our great lessons as we strive to manifest spiritual energies upon the planet. Inspiration means “taking in breathe”. When we are inspired, we are in Balance…meditate with ease, receive guidance & think clearly.

Connecting Actions that Balance the Air Element:
(Stimulating to all Elemental Energies)
Breath is one of the most important ways to connect with Air. The act of deep breathing can bring instant relief to stress & fatigue, increased mental clarity & energy as your blood becomes super-oxygenated. Also giving you the ability to reach powerful states that can open doorways to communication with higher energetic realms. If you are interested in sources to help you with this element I am happy share my resources and local contacts either via email.

Supportive Air Stones:
If Air is one of the Elements you need support with, trust your intuition to choose Stones that will support you with all that you need.

Here are just a few I to inspire you...Labradorite, Apophyllite & Rainbow Moonstone.
Click here to see a complete list of Air Stones we carry.

AFFIRMATION:  “I am Perfectly attuned to My Vision. I trust that whatever comes to Me is for my Greatest Joy & Highest Good. I See, I Envision, I Imagine, I Dream, I Know. I AM One with All Creation! (Speak it!  See it!  Feel it!  Trust it!)

Chakras: 6th Third Eye (Anja) & 7th Crown (Sahasrara)     Colours: Indigo Purple & White


WATER Element – Emotions, Communication & Cleansing

Astrology Signs: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

EMOTIONS, COMMUNICATION & CLEANSING through release, are the powers that are embodied by the Water Element. It has the ability to move around blockages and create new pathways for energy to travel and also stimulates nurturance and intuition. By utilizing communication to express emotional energy, those energies can be released in a healthy & productive way to stimulate rejuvenation emotionally and physically. Our hearts are where this energy is felt, the throat is where it is expressed or released. Water Energy encourages adaptability and strength by teaching us to follow the path of least go with the flow.

Out of Balance:
Huge emotional highs, deep depressing lows, inability to communicate feelings or needs, excessive talk of problems & unable to take action, manipulating others with words, inability to cope with stress, neediness & avoidance of quiet introspection.  Feeling disconnected, fear of intimacy, unable to nurture others or experience compassion or joy.

In Balance:
We are able to honestly experience & release emotions as they arise; including what is in our hearts even in difficult situations. Express empathy with emotional states of others, show compassion, express love and offer support where appropriate. The ability to access our receptive side of self, the subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind.

Cleansing Actions that Balance the Water Element:

(Stimulating for Earth, Calming for Fire & Wind)
The act of crying is a powerful tool that we naturally use to release pent up emotions and energy, as is Sound. Allow yourself time to express & release your emotions, cry frequently. Speak your truth knowing what we speak, we create. Seek a supportive community; explore working with Crystals, Essential Oils, Water Elixirs and Sound Therapy such as Chanting.

Supportive Water Stones:
If Water is one of the Elements you need support with, trust your intuition to choose Stones that will support you with all that you need.

Here are just a few I to inspire you...Chrysoprase, Larimar, Prehnite.
Click here to see a complete list of Water Stones we carry.

AFFIRMATION:  I Open My Heart & Share it with Others; I Express Myself Clearly and I Hear & Speak My Truth. (Speak it!  See it!  Feel it!  Trust it!)

Chakras: 4th Heart (Anahata) & 5th Throat (Visudda)        Colours: Blue, Green & Pink

STORM Element –Cleansing, Empowering, Aligning & Balancing

Astrology Signs: All

CLEANSING, EMPOWERING, ALIGNING & BALANCING is what Storm embodies. Storm is primarily helpful as it assists us in shedding the old and moving forward into Empowerment. Each of the Elemental Forces provides an opportunity for change, but is limited to the sphere of its influence. Storm is the beginning & the end, it is the Whole; affecting the energies of all systems and creation in one’s life coming into balance. It’s our elemental forces being activated and empowered all at once. It is more of an Event than an Element. It is about Destruction & Creation; out with the old, to construct new ways of being, thus supporting growth & expansion.

This is an Element that people are called to work with when they are ready for big changes. It is a very powerful energy so I recommend working with all of the other Elements first, to build up your strength and balance before working with this Element. Storm is not in your Birth Chart so you will need to trust your intuition to guide you when it is time to work with this Element. Those who were born with an almost perfectly balanced Elemental Chart are likely very ready to work with Storm, whether they think so or not.

Not in Balance:

The destructive force of Storm challenges us to face our limitations consciously and to surrender them, so that it can prepare the way for the new to manifest. If we attempt to resist the cleansing force of Storm as it moves through our lives, we may feel we are being swept off our feet; we may feel fearful to change, or feel stuck and experience blockages in manifesting our dreams.

Storms relationship to the primary creative and destructive force represents the moment at which we are most powerful and creative. It is our Power Center…facilitating tremendous change in our lives and creating opportunities for quantum leaps, where we can enter into a state of dynamic and empowered balance. A stage of spiritual mastery to strive to exist in on a daily basis.

Finding Balance in the Element of Storm: (Stimulating to all Elemental Energies)
The level of fear you experience when faced with change will clearly show you where you need healing the most. Embracing change with a meditative practice can be simple, yet very powerful. Walking activates and balances all the elements in the body and can be used as another daily meditative practice. Creating specific Affirmations is another way to assist in balancing Storm.

Supportive Storm Stones:
If Storm is one of the Elements you need support with, trust your intuition to choose Stones that will support you with all that you need.

Here are just a few I to inspire you...Turquoise, Kyanite & Seraphinite.
Click here to see a complete list of Storm Stones we carry.

AFFIRMATION:  “I Embrace Change Joyfully, for ALL of My Choices are Opportunities to Learn and Grow”!   (Speak it!  See it!  Feel it!  Trust it!)

Etheric Chakras: Earth Star & Soul Star     Colours: All Especially – Violet & White (including Infrared & Ultraviolet)