Upcoming Events

Like many of you, I have been processing, evaluating, pivoting, absorbing, re-evaluating and sorting through everything that has been coming up since March. There have been lot of energies, emotions and craziness to move through to say the least.

Although we are still in the middle of it, I feel like I have found my center, and over the last few months, some magical things have been happening that I have integrated on a personal level as well as into Visions in the Woods.

An angel came to me, guiding me to a remembering of how wonderful and truly magical this world can be! Something that has been part of my life in varying degrees, since the early 80's and actually much further back. The universe ever so gracefully placed it in my hands and patiently waited for me to remember. And when I did, holy smokes! Everything I have done up to that point, popped up like little balloons showing me how those experiences brought me full circle to this moment in time.

And now I am so excited to share this awakening with you and how I am moving full steam ahead! Everything is happening so quickly I can hardly keep up!

We will be open for In-Person Appointments starting November 12th thru the month of December.

Shopping here is very peaceful and relaxing experience! We have so much here for you to enjoy and share with your loved ones. I hope you will come!

Everyone's Health & Safety is of the utmost importance to us! These are protocols:

- Only 4 Visitors at a time, per appointment.
- Appointments are in 2 hour blocks
- Your own Mask must be worn at all times, I wear a mask too.
- Gloves & shoe coverings must be worn when shopping (we provide)
- We provide hand sanitizer
- Yes we have a washroom available for all visitors. It is thoroughly cleaned after each appointment.

We will continue to offer Virtual Shopping. See link for details