Want to Learn About Choices You

Made at a Soul Level?

When you Book a One on One In Person Appointment with me,
I Thank You with a Discover Your Balance Gift Package!

A Gift that Gives You the Opportunity to Learn a Little More about Yourself and the choices I believe you made at a Soul Level. A package that includes a few tools that can help support you on this journey of yours.

Discover Your Balance Gift Package Includes:

  • Your Elemental Balance

  • A Channeled List of Your Top Four Essential Oils that Support Your Elemental Balance & a Few Essential Oil to experience

  • An Essential Oil Usage Guide that shares general usage info, safety tips and with aliments and Essential Oil Suggestions & DIY Recipes

  • A List of Your Top Five Elemental Balance Supporting Crystals with links to their properties

  • Links to Our Elemental Balance Informational Pages on Our Website.

  • This 15 Minute Q & A is in Person with Deborah. You will learn a few Elemental Basics and she will answer any questions you may have.

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Benefits of This

Elemental Package...

- Helps You to Focus & Elevate Your Journey

- It Can Help Clarify Challenges 

- Aligns You with Supportive Energies

- Identify Areas of Challenge

- Shines a Light on Your Gifts

- Provides You With A Better Understanding
  of Who You Are and How to Navigate
  through Your Challenges as You Grow.