Learning to work with the Elements can be very empowering and healing. Being able to identify where we are out of balance and what needs to shift for us to come into alignment with the Universal Energy Shifts that are occurring, can truly benefit everyone.


When ALL ELEMENTS are IN BALANCE, we are Full Of Energy And Vitality!

When we are in our natural state of interacting with nature, we absorb all elemental energies constantly and are able to maintain a state of dynamic balance. When we are disconnected from our natural elements, it becomes more difficult for us and we become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually depleted.

There are Five Primary Elements...Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Storm. These bands of energy are carried within you as well as by the Earth itself. Each Element is identifiable by a set of characteristics and energy frequencies that are distinct to that element.

You were born with a specific combination of energies that give you strengths in certain areas and opportunities to grow in others. The breakdown of you specific combination can be found in your Birth Chart.

Below you will find a description of the Fire Element and suggestions on how to work with it.

FIRE Element - Energy, Vitality, Creation, Will Power, Action & Transformation

Astrology Signs: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

TRANSFORMATION & TRANSMUTATION is what Fire is all about. It governs our ability to creatively express ourselves artistically, sexually, & other forms of direct energetic communication and to manipulate our reality by use of our will.

The Element of Fire can be rather dangerous when not appropriately expressed. Fires powerful cleansing & energy moving properties can greatly enhance the flow of healing energy through the body, which can in turn affect our emotions. It gives us the passion to create & manifest, including our purpose or mission in life.

Out of Balance:

Feeling apathetic, depressed, lost, without faith, disconnection, Inactivity or lethargy, poor digestion, chronic coldness, fear of confrontation or to express one’s opinion, sexual disorders, reproductive challenges, insomnia, self abuse, inflammatory diseases, powerlessness, habitual anger, hypercriticism, and anxiety attacks.

In Balance:
Positive Creative Flow, you feel good about sexual expression & potency, hormones and sexual drive are stable. You can easily express your passion and tap into your intuition. You have strong metabolism, physical & life force energy as well as feeling empowered. Fire in balance encourages us to take action to create & transform.

Transformational Actions that Balance the Fire Element:
(Stimulating for Earth & Water, Calming for Wind)
Creative energy can be raised through meditation – sending energy up the chakra column to transform the energy centers, releasing blockages bringing vibrancy and vitality to our energy fields. Smudging and learn exercises to cleanse our energy fields and environments regularly. Frequent self evaluation to eliminate what is no longer serving us.

Sacred Journey Stone Support - January/February Featured Fire Stones:
If Fire is one of the Elements you need support with, trust your intuition to choose a Stone that will support you with all that you need.

Here are just a few I to inspire you...Carnelian, Tigers Eye & Malachite.
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AFFIRMATION:  I am loved by the People in My Life; I am filled with Creativity and Trust My Intuition! (Speak it!  See it!  Feel it!  Trust it!)

Chakras: 2nd Sacral (Svadhisthana) & 3rd Solar Plexus (Manipura)  Colours: Red, Orange, & Yellow