Learning to work with the Elements can be very empowering and healing. Being able to identify where we are out of balance and what needs to shift for us to come into alignment with the Universal Energy Shifts that are occurring, can truly benefit everyone.

 When ALL ELEMENTS are IN BALANCE, we are Full Of Energy And Vitality!

When we are in our natural state of interacting with nature, we absorb all elemental energies constantly and are able to maintain a state of dynamic balance. When we are disconnected from our natural elements, it becomes more difficult for us and we become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually depleted.

There are Five Primary Elements...Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Storm. These bands of energy are carried within you as well as by the Earth itself. Each Element is identifiable by a set of characteristics and energy frequencies that are distinct to that element.

You were born with a specific combination of energies that give you strengths in certain areas and opportunities to grow in others. The breakdown of you specific combination can be found in your Birth Chart.

Below you will find a description of the Storm Element and suggestions on how to work with it.
Storm is a very powerful Energy. Technically in not an actual Element but it is included by many as it combines all the energies of all the Elements and create incredible shifts when you ready to work with it.

STORM Element – Cleansing, Empowering, Aligning & Balancing

Astrology Signs: All

CLEANSING, EMPOWERING, ALIGNING & BALANCING is what Storm embodies. Storm is primarily helpful as it assists us in shedding the old and moving forward into Empowerment. Each of the Elemental Forces provides an opportunity for change, but is limited to the sphere of its influence. Storm is the beginning & the end, it is the Whole; affecting the energies of all systems and creation in one’s life coming into balance. It’s our elemental forces being activated and empowered all at once. It is more of an Event than an Element. It is about Destruction & Creation; out with the old, to construct new ways of being, thus supporting growth & expansion.

This is an Element that people are called to work with when they are ready for big changes. It is a very powerful energy so I recommend working with all of the other Elements first, to build up your strength and balance before working with this Element. Storm is not in your Birth Chart so you will need to trust your intuition to guide you when it is time to work with this Element. Those who were born with an almost perfectly balanced Elemental Chart are likely very ready to work with Storm, whether they think so or not.

Not in Balance:

The destructive force of Storm challenges us to face our limitations consciously and to surrender them, so that it can prepare the way for the new to manifest. If we attempt to resist the cleansing force of Storm as it moves through our lives, we may feel we are being swept off our feet; we may feel fearful to change, or feel stuck and experience blockages in manifesting our dreams.

Storms relationship to the primary creative and destructive force represents the moment at which we are most powerful and creative. It is our Power Center…facilitating tremendous change in our lives and creating opportunities for quantum leaps, where we can enter into a state of dynamic and empowered balance. A stage of spiritual mastery to strive to exist in on a daily basis.

Finding Balance in the Element of Storm: (Stimulating to all Elemental Energies)
The level of fear you experience when faced with change will clearly show you where you need healing the most. Embracing change with a meditative practice can be simple, yet very powerful. Walking activates and balances all the elements in the body and can be used as another daily meditative practice. Creating specific Affirmations is another way to assist in balancing Storm.

Sacred Journey Stone Support:
If Storm is one of the Elements you need support with, trust your intuition to choose a Stone that will support you with all that you need.

Here are just a few I to inspire you...Turquoise, Kyanite & Seraphinite.
Click here to see a complete list of Storm Stones we carry.

AFFIRMATION:  “I Embrace Change Joyfully, for ALL of My Choices are Opportunities to Learn and Grow”!   (Speak it!  See it!  Feel it!  Trust it!)

Etheric Chakras: Earth Star & Soul Star  
Colours: All Especially – Violet, White & Gold (including Infrared & Ultraviolet)