An In-Store Journey Created for You to Explore Areas of

Your Life You May Need A Little Extra Support With

Working with the Healing Properties of Crystals & Essential Oils can

help you and loved ones, shift out of and move through challenges that

come up in life.

Our New ZEN ZONES give you the opportunity to experience a variety

of holistic practices, protocols, product samples and tips to help you

move from current or future states of imbalance, and come back to

homeostasis or center.

I have also connected the ZEN ZONES to Your Elemental Balance.

When you make an Appointment to Visit Our Shop, I also offer to share with you

you a FREE Discover Your Balance Gift Package. You provide me with your Birth

Info to Get the Ball Rolling. I Prepare Your Birth Chart & when You arrive I will

share your Elemental Balance with you.

During a Little Tour Around Our Shop, You Will Also

Experience Each of Our Zen Zones...