Learn About Choices You

Made at a Soul Level!
Your Elemental Balance is an Important Component of the Connecting with the Elements of Nature Event, and is included in your Event Pass.

This Gift Gives You the Opportunity to Learn a Little More about Yourself and the choices I believe you made at a Soul Level.

Your Gift Package will be given to you at the event.
We will be taking you on a Journey through each of the Elements, and your connection to each of them will be revealed and put into action.

Discover Your Balance Gift Package Includes:

  • Your Birth Chart & Elemental Balance

  • A Channeled List of Your Top Four Essential Oils that Support Your Elemental Balance & Four Essential Oil to Experience.

  • An Essential Oil Usage Guide that shares general usage info, safety tips and with aliments and Essential Oil Suggestions & DIY Recipes

  • A List of Your Top Five Elemental Balance Supporting Crystals with links to their properties

  • A Free 15 Minute Q & A Zoom Call with Deborah after the event, to talk about your balance.

  • An Invitation to Attend My "Elements of Nature, Essential Oil Class" where we will dive into Essential Oils and their Elemental Energies more deeply. FREE for all attendees of this event.

  • Your Event Pass also Includes a $20 Gift Certificate to use at Visions in the Woods, that will be in this Gift Package for You.

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Benefits of This

Elemental Package...

- Helps You to Focus & Elevate Your Journey

- It Can Help Clarify Challenges 

- Aligns You with Supportive Energies

- Identify Areas of Challenge

- Shines a Light on Your Gifts

- Provides You With A Better Understanding
  of Who You Are and How to Navigate
  through Your Challenges as You Grow.