Ho'oponopono Explained

Two chapters
of Paul Jackson's book "Ho'oponopono Secrets", nicely explains the basic concepts of Ho'oponopono.

The Primus Meditation
- Samaya K. Aster (Formerly Naisha Ahsian)

Nothing has ever had the impact of grounding my energy and opening my heart chakra the way the "Primus Meditation" has. I have struggled for a number of years to incorporate a meditative practice in my life. I felt like I just couldn't seem to get the self-discipline I needed to do it. But what I now know is that I just needed to connect to the right meditation that works for me. So here I am meditating almost everyday and I am so amazed at the results that I am getting that I have to share it with you!

I truly feel like my feet are firmly planted on the ground and so blissfully connected to Earth. My energy is much more even and unscattered. It's kind of weird when you are used to riding on an emotional roller coaster, but it feels great! It's this feeling and the beautiful guided meditation that has given me the motivation to continue. I guess it's like anything in life, when you feel the results, how can you not continue.

The meditation is called "The Primus Meditation" click here for the link. The creator of this meditation also happens to be the co-author of the Book of Stones, my favorite crystal book.