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July 20-24

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PURE UNDILTED 10ml Roller Bottle

This is One of My Favorite Skin Care Oils
& Spiritual Oils to Use All in One!!!

And It's the First Time in a BOGO Ever!

This Blend has so many incredible benefit and Value! To make this Blend it would cost you upward of $500! Although there are still six oils to reveal, I have a feeling this one will be the ruling queen of this BOGO! Time will tell. :)

Get 3 Roller Bottles Out of this one 10ml Bottle!!!
I make 2 Roller bottles with 1/3 of the oil in each bottle topping up with fractionated coconut oil and the third I leave neat to allow me to add to other blends or do spot treatments.

You will love this Oil!
When You Read About the Ingredients & Benefits in This Blend,  You Will Want to Make Sure You Have This Bottle for
All the Days You Will Want to Use It!

Check out this link to more information about the AromaTouch Blend
Energetically & Physically,
this Blend packs a Big Punch for
Cleansing & Purifying!

For All My Spiritual Friends...
Think of Purify as an Essential Oil
Smudger without the Smoke!

Check out this link to more information about the Purify Blend
Adaptive Rules the Realm of Our
Mental Health and Well-being!

This blend Helps Us Move
Out of Our Head and Into Our Heart and Connect with Divine Love!

Check Out this link to Learn More About Adaptiv
Deep Blue is My Go To Oil & Rub for All Things Achy and Sore. Like Muscles, Joints, Shoulder Tension etc.

But is it also a great blend to lean on when we are struggling with accepting our physical pain or the pain of others.

Deep Blue can teach us to Surrender and Stay Centered, Calm and Tolerant of Pain.
Check Out this link to learn more about Deep Blue
Tea Tree is FREE with the BOGO Box Only!

It's Cleansing Properties & Support in Helping Us Hold Clear & Healthy Boundaries for Ourselves and Our Relationships... is Legendary!
Check Out this link for More About Tea Tree

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