This 60 Minute Elemental and Energy Experience,

"Discover Your Balance" to the Next Level!

In addition to receiving everything in the "Discover Your Balance Gift Package",

You will also Receive 
an Elemental Reading & Energy Experience with with me. 

What I Will Be Sharing With You... 

  •  Your Astrological Birth Chart

  •  An In-depth Reading Focused on the Elements in Your Birth Chart

  •  How to Support Your Elements when they are out of Balance
  •  How to Utilize the Gifts You Brought into this Lifetime

  •  Activities and Areas of Life the Elements Can Help to Support Your Growth

  •  Channeled Guidance to Support Your Steps Forward

Cost: $89.00 for Reading & N R GEE Experience!

Your Reading Also Includes:

  •  Your Birth Chart & Balance

  •  A Channeled List of the Most Powerful Crystals for Your Specific Balance

  •  A Channeled List of Essential Oils to Support Your Elemental Balance Challenges

  •  An Essential Oils Usage Guide

  •  A Selection to Essential Oils Samples to Work with

  •  A List of Crystals & Essential Oils to Support Your Elemental Balance

Readings Take Place In-Person or on Zoom

$25.00 for Each Additional 1/2 Hour

(etransfer preferred to Deborah Kolody at [email protected])