We are thrilled to welcome you to our essential oil community and offer you this

Resource Center as a place you can come back to when ever you need Support

Beginning your essential oil lifestyle is very exciting 🤸

There are many areas of your life, that you will now have the tools to approach, in a

natural way!

First, we wanted to share that you now have a doTERRA store, where you can order

your natural health and wellness tools at 25% off whenever you want (for an entire


After your first year, if you'd like to renew, it is $30 CAD/ $25 US

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Enter your ID# (emailed to you from doTERRA or your Wellness Advocate).

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Customer Service is Amazing at doTERRA. No Matter the Issue, Big or Small

You can call Member Services to Get the Support You Need!

If you need to contact doTERRA, they have a world-class customer service team you

can access 3 ways:

📱 1 800 411 8151

🖥 live chat directly on the website + your personal store.

www.doterra.com contact page click here
Member Services is your number one source for most information, especially regarding

any of the following:

• Process your Orders

• Handle Shipping Issues

• Returns, Exchanges, and Refunds

• Promotional questions

• General questions

• Product Questions

• LRP Questions

Depending on the number of emails received that day, it may take 1-2 business days to

receive a response to your email. Emails are responded to in the order that they are


For immediate service between 8 AM – 8 PM MT Monday thru Friday

or from 10-2 PM MT.On Saturday.

We recommend contacting Member Services by phone (1-800-411-8151)

or through
online chat.


Reach out to me by text or by email. Please note, I only check my email a few times a

day, texting is definitely faster.

Deborah Kolody (doTERRA Wellness Advocate)

Text or call: 416.995.7404

Thank you for trusting me to guide you on your journey! I am so excited and honored

to be part of your essential oil experience ! It is my pleasure to welcome you!