I’m talking about Crystals & Essential Oils. They have been used for centuries, in so many ways and by so many cultures, it’s astounding! What I am also super excited about, is that, there has never been a time in history where they have both been so main stream!

It’s incredible! But, how many of us really know how to integrate them into our everyday lives? To really get the most out of each of them physically and energetically? Did you even know you can work with the energies of essential oils too?

On February 25th we are going to be diving into some practical ways you can make the most of utilizing your Gifts of the Earth to Calm the Crazy! & Heal Thy Shit!

The time is now! The Shifts are happening! And when our time together is done, you’re going to know exactly what you need to do with your crystals and oils!

And to make it even more powerful

evening, I am creating a FREE

Special Gift for all Attendees!

A  FREE Grounding & Empowering Crystal & Essential Oil Gift Package that I would like to guide each of you to experience during our time together. Recipes will be included or sent out as well, so whether you use your gift or your own, you will be ready to go.

To receive your FREE Grounding & Empowering Gift Pack, please RSVP to
Karen Armstrong by Feb 13th so we have a little time to co-ordinate getting everyone’s gifts to them.

Whether you have these gifts for the 25th or after, you will still get everything you need out of this workshop. Once you register/rsvp for the event, we will be sending you a little list of things you could have on hand to get the most out of this workshop.

You must register/rsvp for this event

to Karen Armstrong of the Women's Wellness Group

Cost: $20.00