A Day That is All About You...

Releasing All the Stuff That You're Ready to Let Go!

Caring for & Nurturing Your Inner Child!

Exercising Your Intuitive Muscles!

Connecting to the Elements of Nature &

Learning About What You Chose at a Soul Level!

Group Activities 10:00 to 1:30
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Personal Journey 1:30 to 5:00pm

Choose Your Experience for the Rest of the Day...

Lunch / Shop / Explore / Connect

Be Sure to Bring Your Lunch and Make Yourself at Home.

Eat Your Lunch in any Outdoor Space of Your Choice.
Take a Little Tour of the Shop!

Why Not Enjoy the Event with a Friend?


  • Arrive at 9:30 to Park & Get Settled at the Fire Circle.

  • Cleansing & Protecting Our Energy and Opening Sacred Space.
    Energy Exercises to Help You Cleanse and Protect Your Energy Daily to Conserve Your Output, Prevent Leaks and Keep the Good Things in and the Negative out!

  • Connecting to Your Elemental Balance & How the Elements Support You.
    Learn how your elemental balance in your Birth Chart reveals choices you made at a soul level to experience life on earth with through your shade of rose coloured glasses!

  • Step into the Forest with the Element of Earth!
    Forest Bathing with Intention to Ground and Connect to Our Divine Mother Earth.
    Wear comfortable foot wear. Trails are easy to moderate.

  • Air Meditation in Our Elemental Stone Circle.
    Engage this element in meditation, in breath and connect to the divine in you.
    (Aug 14 & 18th Channeled Meditation with Nat Kipling - Headwaters Wellness)
    Nat will be connecting to the Element of Air and assisting us to tune into the space around us, allowing for expansion within our minds and spirits. Nat is an intuitive healer and channels all of her guided meditations.

    (Aug 22 - Spiritual Healing Goddess Bruna)

11:30 Snack Break  *Snack Sponsor - Jeanette (owner) Truly Baked Granola. (Gluten & Dairy Free)

  • Into the Element of Water - Opening Our Heart & Throat Chakra with Sacred Mantras, Singing & Journaling. Connecting to the Depths of Our Emotions and Releasing with the Energies of the Moon and Element of Water.Surrendering to the Divine to Help Us Wash Away all the Debris and Craziness we have been experiencing. Cleansing Our Auric Field & Crystals in Our Sacred Elemental Stone Circle. Bring Your Crystals to Super Charge them!

  • Ignite Your Inner Warrior Goddess with the Element of Fire & Storm!
    Bring Your Drums, & Rattles as we have gone from the depths of our emotions, its now time to Spread Our Wings & Release Our Warriors to Transmute, Transform and Transcend all our Pain and suffering and move it into the light to be healed. To Reach the Heights of Our Spirit in Dance and Celebration with Sacred Mantras & A Fire and Storm Releasing Ceremony!

  • 1:30 Lunch/ Shop/ Explore/ Connect

LUNCH/ SHOP/ EXPLORE/ CONNECT: 1:30 - Close (Shop/Property Open until 5pm)

Make Yourself at home and eat the lunch you brought in any outdoor space of your choice.

Shop & Spend Your $20 Gift Certificate
at Visions in the Woods! Enjoy a Mini Tour of the Shop with Deborah as she guide you in Connecting with Your Crystals. Shop open until 2-5pm.

Intuitive Mini Tarot Card Reading (Sat 2:00 - 4:30, Wed 2:00 - 5:00 - $15 for 15 mins)
The Spiritual Healing Goddess will guide you through a mini Tarot Reading.
Contact Bruna to Pre-Book Your Reading at 416.930.9165 Connect with Bruna on Instagram

Where Do I Go From Here? (Sat & Wed 2:00 to 5:00 - $30 for 15 Mins)
Mini Numerology Reading for Clarity & Direction with Judy O
Contact Judy by phone or text to Pre-Book Your Reading at 647.222.2889
Check our Judy's website www.judyonorato.com

Spiritual Guidance Reading (Sunday Only 2:00 to 5:00 - $15 for 15 mins)
Mini Reading to help enlighten and empower you in your personal growth and journey.
Tanya Gibson Rendall - Soul Alignment Coach Contact Tanya to prebook your appointment. 519.215.2689 Visit her website at Connect with Tanya on Instagram at awakenyour.soul

Oracle Card Reading (Sunday Only 2:00 - 5:00 - $15 for 15 mins)
Gain insight into your past, present or future with the Elf Fairy Medium.Prebook your reading with Christine at 416.540.0038 Visit her website www.samsarawellness.ca

Symphony of the Cells Essential Oil Massage/Application (15 min FREE)
Learn How to Give this Application and Get One too! Best Booked with a Friend.
SOC's are and application technique and series of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that are applied to the spine, neck, shoulders, feet and enjoyed aromatically, to support the body coming back to it's natural state of homeostasis. Learn more about them at the event.

Appointments will be available on a first come basis. Signup Sheet will be available on the day.

Elemental Stone Circle
Spend some time connecting to the Elements on Your Own. I invite you to walk thru and around the circle to continue to explore what ever is needed for you in the moment and to Super Charge Your Crystals!

Wander Through the Woods
Continue to Connect more deeply on your own. Take you mat or chair and go where ever you are led.

Stroll Thru the Gardens
Take some time to stroll through the gardens, or stop by Our Buddha Pond. We have crystals through out the gardens, stop and connect with them too! Please be mindful of the uneven surfaces and stay on the paths. Stop & Connect with a variety of Crystals placed throughout the Gardens.


  • Comfortable closed-toed footwear to walk in the woods. Hiking shoes are recommended.

  • A Refillable Water Bottle (filtered water available for refilling)

  • Bring Your Lunch. Beautiful spots around the property to enjoy nourishing your body.

  • A Yoga Mat or blanket for Meditation.Bring what ever you need to be comfortable.

  • Fold up lawn chair for your comfort.

  • A Backpack is beneficial to hold all your belongings & water bottle.

  • Bring Your Favorite Crystals to Super Charge Them in the Elemental Circle!

  • Umbrella in your car so the weather stays clear :)

  • Bring Your Drum, Rattle or other Noise Makers! To Use for Fire & Storm Ceremony & Celebration!