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Home Essential Kit

This Collection has Everything You Need to Take Care of 80% of Your General Health Care Needs

Healthy Start Kit

The Mini Version of the Family Care Kit. 2/3 Less Oils than Family Care
but a Great Gift Idea!

Aroma Essentials Kit

An Excellent Choice for Diffuser Lovers!
All the Most Popular Aromatic Oils
with the Laluz Diffuser.

Healthy Habits Kit

Your Daily Wellness Plan
Supplements to Nourish & Energize
You, to Help You to Be the Best You.

Nature's Solutions Kit

For a Complete Home & Body Detox, This Kit will Kick Start Your Natural Wellness Journey with Huge Savings!

Simple Solutions Kit

Your bases are covered for
discomfort, immunity, sleep,
and detoxifying the body

In addition to great savings with these Starter Kits, when you purchase a Starter Kit, you also get access to tons of FREE
Classes, DIY Recipes, Me and a Team of Wellness Advocates that are here to support you on Your Essential Oil Journey!

All these additional perks would cost you hundreds of dollars to duplicate. It's all FREE for you, when you purchase your Membership Kit from me!

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