Crystal Energy Grids

Selecting Crystals

If You Are Interested in Working with Energy Grids

This is the Perfect Time to Explore Their Amazing Powers!


A Crystal Grid is utilizing the benefits of a variety of crystals in a certain arrangement in combination with Sacred Geometry, Colour Rays, Universal Life Forces (sun, moon & earth) and Healing Affirmations to achieve a specific outcome. Creating and utilizing Crystal Grids is a powerful tool to add to your self-healing tool belt.


Individual crystals are wonderful and effective on their own, but there are times when something more is needed. Crystal Grids can often be more powerful or effective than individual crystals because you are combining a variety of crystals energies to work together. Think of Crystal Grids as you having a whole team of healers focusing on one specific and specialized area. In the case of Grids, there is definitely strength in numbers.

No matter what your needs, with a little knowledge you can construct your own highly effective Crystal Grid to align and amplify the Universal Life Force for any purpose.


I utilize the teachings of Henry M. Mason when creating my Energy Grids. He teaches that through modern science we can actually see six secret energy structures of crystals which has helped to unravel much of their mysteries.

Understanding the energy matrices with crystals, forms the basis for selecting, arranging and using crystals on a crystal grid.

Through the help of science and the creation of a crystal class system, we are able to organize crystals into six/seven categories that match their internal crystal structure with categories that relate to how the crystals can assist us. The seventh isn't actually a class but addresses the non-crystalline minerals.

These six classes of magical energy structures will assist us to have a better understanding of selecting crystals for our Grids. All crystals form one of these arrangements, and also align with the basic human needs.

Our basic human needs actually match the hidden crystal energy structure of the world's minerals. These energy structures can help us find what we seek, guard what we value and protect us from adversity and harm when used properly on a grid.

Human needs and desires fall primarily into five basic categories. The first three Crystal Classes relate to acquiring and protecting things we value (Hexagonal, Isometric, Monoclinic) and the next two are related to avoiding that which we do not desire (Orthorhombic, Triclinic) . The Last (Tetragonal) is an additional crystal structure that is not directly related to fundamental human needs, but helps us to be more attractive, so that what we are seeking will actually seek us.

Our basic needs are universal, timeless, and independent of culture, religion, gender, age, or intelligence, and of course, most often we have more than one need at a time.


The Crystal Grid book by Henry M. Mason provides a list of stones by crystal structure.
I have taken his work a step further and added to the list a large number of newer stones. I offer this list free to all Visions Members that visit our shop.

1. Hexogonal...Seeker Crystals
(ie. Amethyst, Citrine & Quartz)
     The crystals that form in the hexagonal arrangement help us achieve what we desire. They
     point the way forward and aim their energies like an arrow seeking a target. These 
     crystals help us to find what we seek.

     Seeker crystals are powerful, the largest class of crystals, and extremely beneficial on
     grids created for success in starting something new. New opportunities and goals can be
     achieved with the help of Seeker Crystals. They are considered to be pointers, directors
     and compasses and bring the energy of adventure and discovery to our grids. They also
     help us to align our feelings to the grid. Seekers empower us to focus and amplify our
     ability to seek out the new elements we desire in our lives.

2. Isometric...Enhancer Crystals (ie. Garnet, Pyrite & Sodalite)
     As humans we desire to Enhance what we possess and value. If we want to improve some
     aspect of our lives, using crystals from the Isometric Crystal System will assist us in
     achieving this. This class of internal structure is comprised of perfect cubic symmetry and
     internal harmony.

     Many of the Enhancer Crystals bring energy that is focused on self-improvement. Using
     them on our Grids to assist us in focusing and enhancing our energy to produce the
     actions we need to improve. They help us to build on our successe

3. Monoclinic...Guardian Crystals (ie. Charoite, Healerite & Selenite)
     Once we find food, shelter, clothing, love, health and other things we desire, it becomes
     important to us to protect them. Guardian Crystals help us achieve this. The parallel
     structure of their crystalline lattice gives these crystals the power to protect us in both
     the physical, and spiritual worlds. When we have a need to protect valuable possessions,
     including Guardian Crystals in our Grids is a great choice. They can help us to focus our 
     energies effectively in protecting all that we hold dear. 

    The Guardian Crystals have a wide spectrum of uses in crystal grids.
     -    Physical Protection of ourselves and our loved ones
     -    Our homes, property and valuable
     -    They also bring the strength we need to guard our beliefs against doubt, staying true  
           to our ideals and beliefs.
     -    Help us to maintain a positive disposition, sense of humor and respect for others


4. Orthorhombic...Dispeller Crystals (ie. Angelite, Peridot & Tanzanite)
     Our fourth human need is to free ourselves from that which we possess yet no longer
     want. We want to rid ourselves of pain, sickness, worry and other unpleasant things. The
     Dispeller Crystals are great for these needs.

     These crystals have diamond-shaped internal crystal arrangements that act like a
     radiator, with sharp points from which the energy can flow easily outward. This outward
     energy can carry with it the undesirable elements in our lives.

     When needing to address mental and spiritual challenges or anything unpleasant in your 
     life, Dispeller Crystals are great to utilize. They work especially well when dealing with
     things that can block us from moving forward, like worry, anxiety, fear and doubt.

     Dispeller Crystals are used in grids to rid our lives of physical pain, discomfort, injury,
     illness or disease. However, a note of caution is needed. Crystal Grids have the ability to
     focus and magnify our power and our natural abilities, but when your needs call for 
     professional medical treatment, seek professional medical care.

Triclinic...Barrier Crystals (ie. Amazonite, Labradorite & Larimar)
  When we need to protect ourselves from that which we do not have and do not want, we
     use Barrier Crystals. There is a lot on our planet we wish to protect ourselves from. The
     Triclinic crystalline structure gives Barrier Crystals strength in all directions, allowing
     them to provide protection from attack from any direction. It’s an effective grid
     component that can aid us in defending ourselves from the misfortunes of the world.

     The minerals that form in the Triclinic Crystal Structure are the true protection crystals.
     The Barrier Crystals are used in a similar manner to the Guardian crystals, the difference
     is the focus. The Guardians allow our grids to focus on protecting something we value –
     an inward focus in a way. In contrast, the Barrier crystals are externally focused – on
     keeping us out of undesirable environments and free from harm.  Many grids can be
     successful by using either. The choice is an individual one that depends mostly on the
     focus of the specific need or desire. Many grids will use both to augment and reinforce
     protective energy.

6. Tetragonal...Attractor Crystals (Apophyllite, Rutilated Quartz,
     While Attractor Crystals are not directly related to a fundamental human need, they do
     provide us with a very desirable and valuable capacity to augment the power of other
     crystals in a grid.

     The crystals of the Tetragonal Crystal System have an internal structure built on the
     rectangle and often have a surface sheen that seems to catch the eye and attract notice.
     The Attractor Crystals are used on grind that are built to help us be more attractive so
     that what we are seeking will actually seek us. Gaining recognition, winning friend, or
     attracting wealth, mates etc, are all the needs that the Attractors will help us with.

     Attractor Crystals are often used with Seeker Crystals on Grids with excellent results.
     It is important to note that Attractor Crystals seem to have a passive energy like a
     magnet. When nothing is around to attract, the energy of a magnet seems to be gone. It is
     energized only when something is around to attract, and then suddenly its powers are
     apparent. So, too do the Attractor Crystals seem to have a waiting element to their
     energy. If nothing comes along Attractors don’t seem to have much power. That is why
     they are used with seekers. The Seekers help us get out and find what we need. Then the
     Attractors power can be applied. Grids are generally not built using
     only Attractors for these reasons.

7. Non-Crystalline (Amorphous or Mineraloid) no specific class.
     Individual stone that are non-crystalline are generally used individually. Their energies
     don't connect in the same way Crystalline structures do. That's not to say that their
     energies cannot be used in grids, you will need to trust your intuition when using the
     following stones. Amber, Apache Tears, Fulgurite, Gaia Stone, Goldstone, Jet, Moldavite,
     Obsidian, Opal, Red Coral, Shungite and Tektite.


All Crystal Grids are built from a variety of parts all contributing to a specific purpose. This includes the grid design that creates the paths of energy, the visual elements that create the design, the crystals we add to the grid, a perimeter if we choose to add protection and a wand to activate the grid.

An understanding of these elements will assist you in making informed decisions to build your grids.

1. Sacred Geometry
    A fascinating area to explore and an important element to grid design.

    This visual element establishes the pathway through which the energy flows through the
    grid. They can be purchased or found online as well as created by you. To save time I
    utilize the graphics provided in the Crystal Grid book by Henry Mason.

2. Visual Elements
    It is great to enrich your grid with colour and design that enhances what we desire. This is
    a very personal choice that you can have a lot of fun with. The key is to be in
    alignment with the overall theme of the grid. Many of us have experienced the power of
    vision boards, you can add similar elements to your grid to enhance its power...

    - Graphics/Artwork
    - Photos
    - Colours
    - Symbols
    - Affirmations

3. Focus Stone
    The purpose of this stone primarily is to collect the universal life force and channel it
    through the grid. It is placed in the center of the Grid. Consider the following when
    choosing a Focus Stone..."Seeker Stones" are used to help find something we do not
    possess, but desire. "Enhancer Stones" are used to add more desirable elements to our
    lives. "Guardian Crystals" are used for protection. "Dispeller or Barrier Crystals" are used
    only when strong protection is needed.
    Quartz is one of the most common stones used as a focus stone as it has an amazing ability
    to gather and amplify the universal life force and transmit it to the Way Stones. Lighter
    coloured stones tend to work best.

4. Way Stones

    The Focus Stone sends Universal Life Force Energy down to the Way Stones, the Way
    Stones then amplifies and modifies the energy. These stones represent the points on our
    journey to achieve our desire. They give us the energy to take things one step at a time,
    while focusing on our ultimate goal.They lead us on the path to our desires.

    For consistency and harmony, The Way Stones should have a crystal energy lattice that is
    compatible with the Focus Stone. Colour energy is very important for Way Stones, which
    generally means the Way Stones are opaque and colourful.
5. Desire Stones
    Desire Stones represent the ultimate outcome the grid is designed to achieve. All the
    transformational energy from the Way Stones flows into the Desire Stones giving the
    Universal Life Energy its final shaping and attunement to the desired outcome of the
    crystal grid.

    The Desire Stones are also chosen by their compatibility to the
crystal energy lattice and
    colour. The purpose of the Desire Stone is all about manifesting and dispersing the grids
    energy to us. To bring us the energy and po
wer we need to improve and enrich our lives
    and the lives of others.

6. The Perimeter

    Creating a protection circle around the grid give the grid the ability to focus and amplify
    energy without being hampered by any negativity. Adding a protection perimeter is like
    buying insurance, you may not need it but why take the risk of outside influences   
    interfering with it and diminishing its power. Barrier and Dispeller crystals are used in
    equal numbers and are alternated for even coverage.

7. Activation Wand
Crystal Grids are most effective when activated with a wand. The material the wand is
    made of is up to you. You can make it yourself or purchase it pre-made. The key elements
    of a wand are some type of rod and crystal at one end.
Choosing or creating your wand is a
    very person decision and best made from your emotional response to materials and 
    crystals. Feel good about your choice and your wand will perform exactly as needed.

    The purpose of the wand is to activate the grid connecting the Universal Life Energy and
    the energy flow of the grid to you. Visualization and movement of the wand over the grid 
    also plays a role. Trust your intuition and let your higher self guide you through this part. 
    You will know what to do and know when your grid has been activated.

Grid Element Sample

The Love Grid sample to the left illustrates a Ashoka Chakra, a very ancient sacred symbol that creates the pathways for energy to flow.

The layout uses a Focus Stone (F), Way Stones (W) and Desire Stones (D).

I have also added an Affirmation.

Additionally, you could add colour, a variety of other symbols, photos that support your desired outcome and a protection perimeter around the outside of the grid.

Although there is a lot of information here and in the books I have mentioned, a large part of creating a crystal grid is tapping into your intuition. Trusting your higher self to guide you through the set up and activation is very important. Here are a few steps the consider are you are doing so...

1. State Your Intention

    This is the foundation of Your Grid. Your intention must be stated very clearly and as
    precisely as possible. A well stated intention will be clear so you know when you have
    achieved your purpose and can retire your grid.

2. Select A Grid Design or Theme
    The next step is to match your intention of the grid to corresponding sacred geometry
    design. Each design provides specific energy paths. Choices are numerous, I am happy to
    help guide you if needed. your intuition!

3. Select Visual Elements
    Choose visual components that are related to the theme of your grid.

4. Select your Focus, Way, Desire and Protection Stones

5. Chose the Location of Your Grid

    To keep things super simple, chose a location where the four elements are nearby. A
    sunny location, an airy spot a few feet from a wall, near a small fountain, and a potted
    plant close-by. If you want to you can utilize feng shui or align your grid to the natural
    world. There are many options and theories for placement. I will leave this area for you to
    research if you choose.

6. Clean, Clear and Charge Your Crystals
    Here is a link to some general techniques... Caring for Your Sacred Stones
7. Activating Your Grid
    Activation starts with stating your intention and doing a visualization of the universe and
    your Focus Stone with your wand in hand.
    - Bring the universal life energy to the focus stone in your minds eye. Spend some time 
      meditating and visualizing the energy of the universe and connecting it to your focus
      stone. Once your wand is fully charged and connected...
    - Direct your wand at the focus stone seeing the stone fill with vibrant light
       and energy.
    - Then touch your wand to your forehead and back to your Focus Stone to seal the
      connection between you and your grid.
    - In your minds eye see the energy flowing through your grid as each stone is filled with
      light and connect with each other
    - Focus your entire being on your desire...the purpose of your grid. See your grid light up!
    - Once you have completed this ritual, your grid is activated, focusing and amplifying the
      universal life force to assist you.

8. Incorporating Your Grid into Your Daily Life

    It is important for you to engage with the energy of your grid on a daily basis. Interact
    with each of the stones visually. Read the words if any you have placed on your grid.
    The grid itself is a powerful tool, but to truly get the full benefit of this empowering
    energy you must become an element of the grid as well.
    Dismantling and storing your grid is easy. Simply take it down in the order in which is was
    put together. Many stone are fragile so be sure to wrap them in cloth or tissue and store in
    a safe place.
Resources to Learn More About Crystal Grids

I Have Two favorite go to books on Crystals Grids:

1. Divine Grids - Celebration of Crystal Healing by Rebecca Cohen
    This book is very user friendly and has a large variety of beautifully pre-designed grids that give you
    the ability to set up a grid with very little effort.

2. Crystal Grids - How to Combine & Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life by Henry M. Mason
    & Brittani Petrofsky.
    What I love about this book is that it provides a great deal of information on how to create your own
    grids. It gives you a basic understanding of How the Crystals work together and how to choose
    your crystals and lay them out.