N R GEE Cleansing, Grounding

& Protecting Kit!

A Selection of Crystals and Essential Oils to Help You to

Cleanse, Ground and Protect Your Energy Field!

A Minimum of 20% Savings per box!

Plus Additional Gifts...

Like the Message in a Bottle N R GEE Lifter &

A Beautiful Stone Cage with BC Jade & Lava Stone!

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What's In Your Treasure Box...

Selenite Pyramid (Energy Cleanser) Jet (Energy Purification, Grounding & Protection) Howlite, Lava Stone, Hematite and Herkimer Diamond Bracelet (Awareness, Peace, Grounding, Amplifying & Programmable to set intention).

Essential Oil Minis: 
Lemon Eucalyptus (Energy Cleanser & Protector)  Anchor Blend (Grounding & Steadying) and an Essential Oils Usage Guide.

Bonus Gifts: 
- FREE BC Jade & Lava Stone (for your essential oils) in Stone Cage
- A FREE Inspirational Message in Our N R GEE Lifter Bottle!

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Reg. Price $41.00 Value $54.00

$25.00 Worth of Free Crystals, Essential Oils and Savings!

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