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As a token of my Gratitude for your support, & in honor of Black Friday we have...
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   Reg. $60.00 Now $28.00

This is the deal of the year! These Selenite Pyramids stand approx. 10" tall & over 4" in diameter! Not only are they self-cleaning & self-charging, they do the same for other stones, our energy & our environments.

I use the Pyramids to create a protective energy grid in my healing room & office. Placing one in all 4 corners of your room/house creates a beautiful flow of white light. Creating an inspirational & creative environment for you to thrive in.

Only at this price while quantities last.

Read about Selenite here.

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All Regular Priced Power Strand Necklaces!

60+ Variety of Stones to choose from!

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 All New Chrysocolla Slices!

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       All Featured Stones

We have brought in many new Stones and are Featuring One from each of the Five Elements:

Earth - New Himalayan Lemurian Seed Crystals
Water - New Chrsocolla Slices
Fire - New Boulder & Oregon Opals
Air - New Lapis Lazuli
Storm - Herkimer Diamonds & Moldavite

These Stones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are available in Sterling Silver Jewelry. Click on the links above to learn more about each.
#5 Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!
      On Earlier Edition Books

- The Book of Stones ($37.95)
- Pocket Book of Stones ($16.95)
- The Crystal Lotus Handbook ($29.95)
- Stones of the New Consciousness

Mix & Match as you wish!

While quantities last!
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A large selection of Sterling Silver Jewelry, Stones, & Sacred Geometry Sets are on Sale!

Great Savings! Wonderful Gift Ideas!

#7 Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!!!

All New Selentite Sticks! For 1 Day Only!

They are great for energetically cleaning all your stones & jewelry. Awesome flat pieces to easily rest or lean your stones and jewelry on.

Prices range from $8 - $25

#8 Sparkly Chakra Christmas Trees!

I am completely mesmerized by these beautiful Trees! They are so stunning as they cycle through each of their gorgeous, shimmering chakra hypnotic!
Click here to read about Chakras

Perfect for meditation, your healing room or any space you want to add a little sparkle. Perfect Gift Idea!!!

I was able to bring more in so we will have about 18 available on the 28th. Contact Deborah at [email protected] or call 519.943.1490 if you would like them set aside.

We are open only by appointment until December 21st please call ahead...519.943.1490

We will continue to take orders as long as our supplier has them in stock. I think you are going to love them!

They are 12" high & battery operated. (4 AAA's)

#9 Birth Stones for You & Your Loved Ones!

I am often asked "Which of the Sacred Stones is my Birthstone?" There are a variety of ways to determine your "True Birthstone". But the easiest way to narrow your choices I think, is to provide you with a list of the stones that are generally associated with each of the Zodiac Signs and let you utilize your intuition in choosing the ones that resonate with you.

When choosing for a loved one, use the list, then try tapping into their energy and ask which one would they choose. If you know their favorite colour the energy of that colour will often translate into the same colour stone.

Here is a link that I hope will help you.

Want to create an instant pendant with a Birthstone? Ask us about our Spiral Stone Cages as seen in the photo above.

#10 Grandma's Ginger
         Snap Cookies!

My Grandmothers recipe for Ginger Snap cookies is not only a family favorite but has become a tradition at our Open Houses.

If you haven't tried these cookies you must come by and try at least one! Although most of us can't stop at just one!

We also always share this recipe.
Here is a link...hope you enjoy!