About Deborah & Visions in the Woods

My Passion & Vision...

began in 2004, after an unexpected career change. As I was literally walking through the door, I knew exactly what I was going to do next! I had a clear vision that I was to marry my passion and experience in retail to open a little shop in the Woods. This of course took a lot of hard work and ton of planning and convincing others I could make this work. But I was very clear on what I wanted, so I went for it!

My focus from the beginning has always been to share and connect others to the things I love, my favorite things as Oprah would say. Since opening our doors in 2006 Visions in the Woods has evolved right along side me, mirroring all my transformations.

2010, was a very significant shift for me, I brought Sacred Journey Stones into our assortment after having some incredible personal experiences with them. Thankfully they have been very well received by our wonderful customers and community. It was that support that gave me the courage to make yet another big leap and that was to let go of everything we carried except our Sacred Journey Stones.
We have had great fun with each segment and line of merchandise I had brought in along the way, but I knew I was being called to do some very different things. So in 2012 we set the Liquidation Sale in motion and moved forward.

This transformation has been very liberating and exciting for me. It has opened up a whole other world in a way that enables me to help others and express my own creativity. This chapter of my journey is once again crystal clear and I look forward with great hope and enthusiasm as it unfolds.

Stay tuned... more wonderful additions are on the horizon!
I look forward to sharing them with you as it unfolds.

Our Location...

If you haven't been to our shop, trust me when I say, it is worth the trip. We are located in the beautiful rolling hills of Hockley Valley (a stones throw from Orangeville Ontario).

Our little shop sits on 10 acres of the Niagara Escarpment, surrounded by forest and creatures of all kinds. Being surrounded by nature is such an amazing gift that fills my heart with gratitude everyday! We welcome you to come by and have a cup of tea and play with our Crystals!

Click here to see a map of our location.

Method of Payment:

At our shop, we accept Visa, Mastercard & Cash (Sorry no debit or cheques)

Hope to see you soon!
Warmest regards,