The Sacred Stones of

Visions in the Woods by Element

 Below you will find a List of All the Sacred Stones Found at Visions in the Woods.

Click on the links to learn about each of the Stones.
Links courtesy of the Author of the Book of Stones Robert Simmons.

Some of the Stones have Energies of more than one Element,

you will therefore find them in each of their appropriate Elements:


The Element of Fire Supports...

Our Creativity, Sexuality, Joy, Playfulness & Purpose.

They help us to take action, to transform and to cleanse our energy.

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 The Element of Earth Supports Our Physicality...

Helping us to Ground & Stabilize our Energy and

Assists us to Manifest our desires into physical reality.

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The Element of Air Supports...

Our Mind, Breath, Spirituality, Connection with Spirit

Assisting us with Inspiration, Energy Work & Meditation.

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The Element of Water Supports Our Emotions & Communication...

 Assisting us with Expressing Love for Ourselves & Others, Relationships

Speaking Our Truths, Embracing, Releasing & Cleansing.

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The Element of Storm Supports Our...

Growth & Expansion. This Dynamic Energy is Empowering, Transforming &

Cleansing. Storm Stones help us to Live Consciously & to Achieve Spiritual Mastery.

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