A Special Gift for

Sacred Places Meditation Series Attendees
Want to Learn About Choices You

Made at a Soul Level?
For All Attendees of the "Sacred Places Meditation Series", Receive a "Discover Your Balance Gift Package FREE!

A Gift that Gives You the Opportunity to Learn a Little More about Yourself and the choices I believe you made at a Soul Level. A package that includes a few tools that can help support you on this journey of yours.

Discover Your Balance Gift Package Includes:

  • Your Birth Chart & Elemental Balance. (emailed to you)

  • Links to Our Elemental Balance Informational Pages on Our Website.

  • A Channeled List of Your Top Four Essential Oils that Support Your Elemental Balance Plus Four Elemental Essential Oils to experience during each of the meditations. (You Will Receive Your Essential Oils on the First Day)

  • An Essential Oil Usage Guide that shares general usage info, safety tips and with aliments and Essential Oil Suggestions & DIY Recipes.

  • A List of Your Top Five Elemental Balance Supporting Crystals with links to their properties.

  • A Note Pad & Pen to record your meditations and Sacred Places experiences.

  • The Last Day of the Sacred Places Meditation Series will be held here at Visions in the Woods Elemental Stone Circle. At the end of the Meditation I will be sharing more about Your Birth Chart and the Elements of Nature.

  • Our Shop will also be Open for you to check out all the Crystals and Sterling Silver Jewelry we have for purchase, as well as a full range of Essential Oils for you to Smell and Experience.

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Benefits of This

Elemental Package...

- Helps You to Focus & Elevate Your Journey

- It Can Help Clarify Challenges 

- Aligns You with Supportive Energies

- Identify Areas of Challenge

- Shines a Light on Your Gifts

- Provides You With A Better Understanding
  of Who You Are and How to Navigate
  through Your Challenges as You Grow.