Sterling Silver Rings!

Spinner Rings

Reduce Tension & Stress!

Our Sterling Silver Spinner Rings can help to give a sense of serenity and peace.

Based on the prayer wheels, these remarkable rings have outer bands which manually

spin freely. This motion gives a special soothing effect, which aids in releasing

anxiety and worry.

Spinner rings are also referred to as Meditation Rings and Prayer Rings.

Hand-made Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver

 Sterling Silver

 Sterling Silver

 Sterling Silver

Many other designs available in assorted sizes.
 Sterling Silver


 New Celtic Sterling Silver & Sacred Stone Rings

Stones Available in Garnet, Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Kyanite & Labradorite

Limited Sizes in Stock, Special Orders Available While Quantities Last





 SS/Blue Topaz

 SS/Trinity Band

 SS/Fine Celtic Band