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This Blog post is dedicated to All the Beautiful Women of the World! A tribute to all women, for Mother’s Day & beyond!

To start things off, I want to thank my mom, my grandmother, all my aunties, my sisters, my mom’s friends (my other aunties), my girlfriends and all the other women who I love and who love me! For those that are here on Earth and all those who have passed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!… I am so very grateful for all the love I have in my life! I love you all! My heart is full and I feel truly blessed!

The celebration of Mother’s Day and how I nurture and am nurtured by my family, has really changed over the years, as I am sure it has for many of you. There have been many times throughout my life, that I have felt completely loved and supported, and other times when I really yearned to be comforted,  and feel loved unconditionally.

Whether or not we get what we need emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually as a child, adolescent and as an adult, all have huge impacts on our journey and how we feel about ourselves, which is why I think this is a very important topic to talk about.


There are thousands of miles between my mother and I, physically and metaphorically, making connecting challenging at times, but we do find our ways. My Grandmother & Grandfather whom I was very close with, have been gone for many years. Their passing left big gaping holes in my heart, that I struggled with for quite sometime. I felt their deaths very deeply and still get emotional when I think about them and all that they gave me, I really miss them. The love I felt from both of them, and especially my grandmother was unconditional and truly incredible!

Although we are all in different places with the love we have or had in our lives, at a very basic level, all most of us want, is to be loved…and of course loved unconditionally!

As we get older, we may not get the same love and nourishment we got, as we were growing up and perhaps we didn’t have it at all. Unconditional Love… Compassion, Understanding, Acceptance, Nourishment and Appreciation comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes! And if we are lucky, from many people, that come in and out of our lives. But how are we dealing with it, if…

  • We don’t have it?
  • Or what we have, doesn’t feel like it’s enough?
  • Or if we are feeling like we are not worthy of love?

Our relationships with our Mothers and others, can be very complicated, multi-faceted and sometimes non-existent. I am not a therapist, but it doesn’t take one to know that many of us have challenges with our relationships. We all have an inner child that needs to be cared for and nurtured, as well as an inner mother who needs to find her way. When our Inner Child & Mother challenges aren’t dealt with, we may not feel or be completely whole.

So how do we get what we need?


I would like to propose that in addition to expressing our love and gratitude for all those who love and nourish us this and every Mother’s Day, we also take some time to check-in with ourselves to see if there are any inner mother or child  issues, challenges, buried blocks etc. that maybe we haven’t healed or dealt with. To choose to express the most nourishing kind of love to ourselves, so that we can feel that we are worthy! To nourish ourselves internally and find way to fill our own cups. And if we need help we search for it.

As amazing as it is to receive love from others, it is equally important for our well-being, that we care for ourselves. When it comes right down to it, nobody knows how to fill your cup better than you. Everything we need is all inside each of us. It is up to us to work through our challenges and find ways to nourish and love ourselves. To care for our child within, as well as our inner mother. We all need to be nurtured and cared for, why not start a dialog with your child and mother within?

I bet they teach you something about yourself…perhaps something that you can do differently to care for yourself?

When we find ways to love and nurture ourselves, then all the other love that we receive outside of ourselves is like icing on a cake!


There are so many healing options available to us right now. The universe has really set us up like no other time in the past, to get what ever help it is we need to heal, grow and transform. To become the very best version of ourselves. Not only for ourselves, but the greater good of all human and spiritual beings.

I have found some wonderful resources about Our Inner Mother & Child. I hope that you will take some time to check them out…

INNER CHILD - Healing the Child Within
(Adapted from Reconciliation: Healing The Inner Child by Thich Nhat Hanh) - Loving Your Inner Child…Releasing Hurts of the Past
(Louise Hay) - Six Steps to Heal Your Inner Child
(Therese J. Borchard)

“Transforming the Inner Mother”: Become the Mother you Always Wanted - To Yourself”. Be sure to sign up for her mailing list to receive Bethany Websters free e-book…
“Love Yourself - Love Your Inner Family” by Ineke Van Lint

I would guess that most of us have things that we haven’t worked through. Imagine though, if we were to take what ever was there (sadness, loneliness, anger, resentment, jealousy, etc.) and transformed it into love, joy, compassion and forgiveness?

  • How freeing would that be?
  • What then would we make room for? 

Healing has a way of rippling through so many areas of our lives, we have no idea, of the amazing experiences that will come our way as a result.


A fantastic Heart Chakra Stone to work with! Kunzite is also a Water Stone, that helps to open us up to receive unconditional love…from ourselves.

If you have low water in your Birth Chart, it is worth connecting with to see if Kunzite is a match for you! Visit our Elemental Stones page, scroll down to The Element of Water to read more about Kunzite.

If you don’t have a copy of your Birth Chart and would like a FREE one, submit your information and I will send one to you in the next cycle of charts.


It would be fantastic if we could all find a little time to do some tree planting this year and every year! With all the trees that were lost in this years ice storm, our forests need all the help we can give them. There are a number of organizations that would love your help with planting. (see below)

Alternatively, if your property is in need or re-planting, contact one of the organizations below. There are many programs available to assist you.

Here are a few options for you to look into…

Lots of Love to you all! xoxo

Until next time!

April 11th 2016