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January 5, 2016



Our Birth Charts are rich, dynamic, living statements, full of insights, guidelines and even arrows pointing us in various directions for exploration. It’s a flowing interconnected web, full of options and choices. Working with your Birth Chart can be very inspiring, enlightening, confidence building, transformational and definitely life changing…it’s all about Growth…Our Soul’s Journey.

Although Birth Chart interpretation is based on weaving all the parts of one’s chart together to create an accurate portrait of an individual as a whole, we can look at sections of the chart to gain insights to certain areas, aspects or parts of our lives. This allows us to learn a little at a time in small bite size pieces.

This month “Our Journey” will focus on the Element of Fire. How we work with it to balance and to Ignite or Calm the Fire and Passion in our lives!

We will also look at how to balance ours energies and personality traits by looking at the opposite side of the Zodiac wheel of our Sun Sign.


As of March 21st, the Sun moved into the Sign of Aries and will be there until April 19th. Happy Birthday to all my Arian family, friends and Visions Members! Happy Belated Birthday to those of you, whose Birthday’s have already passed this month!

Aries, the first Astrological sign of the Zodiac, represents, courage, bravery, leadership, initiative, action, speed, independence, abundance, and assertiveness.

The Sun represents our will and purpose, our sense of vitality and our evolving higher Self.  Aries people tend to be energetic, forceful and outgoing. They are good at getting things started, not always interested in finishing. Like the energy of the first rush of spring, they move into the world in a headstrong, pioneering way.

They are likely to rush into things before reflecting, and may also be impatient or unwilling to sit back and allow events to mature. Aries people tend to have great vitality and a tremendous need to be physically active. They have a strong will, and can be self-centered about pursuing it, they may try to dominate other people until they learn to be more subtle about getting their way. They also have an acute need for love and affection. Aries benefits from self-discipline, so that they can channel their abundant energy constructively.


Aries is ruled by the Element of Fire…representing energy, vitality, creation, will power, passion, transformation and enlightenment.

When We are Out of Balance with Fire…we may feel apathetic, depressed, lost, without faith, disconnection, inactivity, poor digestion, self-centered, chronic coldness can also occur. You could also fear confrontation and have an inability to express your opinion, there could also be sexual disorders, reproductive challenges, insomnia, self-abuse, inflammatory diseases, powerlessness, habitual anger, hypercriticism and even anxiety attacks.

All other Elements can be found our our “Elements Page”.


When We Are in Balance with the Element of Fire…
positive creative flow comes easy to us, we feel good about our sexual expression and potency, our hormones and sexual drive is stable. We are easily able to tap into our intuition. We have strong metabolism, physical and life force energy as well as feeling empowered. The Element of Fire in balance encourages us to take action and transform.

Tending to your inner Fire, maintaining its warmth and illumination without letting its destructive, intense aspect control your life, is of the utmost importance for a Fire person or anyone born with their fire out of balance. Fire will always burn to the limit of its fuel and oxygen supply. Learning to regulate and temper your inner Fire is a worthy task.


You may already realize that Fire is an element worth exploring for you, but looking at your Birth Chart can take it to another level. It can indicate if you are in need of some small adjustments (3 or 5) or if more depth would be of value to you (0 to 2).

Remember, at a soul level you made choices of things that you would like to experience in this lifetime. Your Birth Chart is a snap shot of opportunities you have for maximum growth to support those choices. If Fire in your Birth Chart is above or below 4, there are opportunities here for you to explore to achieve balance with this element, which also directly impacts your other elements.


Fire may very well be the most challenging element to balance. Fire people tend to enjoy the way they are and may not easily see how their actions impact others in a repelling or challenging way. Sometimes it takes a few hard knocks at the door to help us see our opportunities to grow. Here are a few options and resources, for those that may be ready or in need of change and transformation:

Low Fire (lower than 4)…choose stones, activities, foods and experiences that are cleansing, stimulating and energizing. 

High Fire (higher than 4)…choose stones, activities, foods and experiences that burn off excess energy and are cleansing, calming and quieting.

Choose activities from the list above, based on how high or low your Elemental Fire number is on your Birth Chart. If you would like to receive a FREE Birth Chart to follow along with us, simply join our mailing list. I send Birth Charts out in batches once a month. Submit your Birth Info on our FREE Birth Chart Page.

For more information about the Element of Fire and the other Elements, visit “The Five Elements of Nature” webpage.


It’s important to know in Astrology there is no good or bad…just opportunities to grow and get to know ourselves better. To know that Sun Sign information gives us a general and incomplete picture of who we are. It only focuses on one planet that shapes our personality…the Sun, when there are all the other planets, houses and aspects influencing the energies that shapes our journey.

It is also important to know that all the characteristics of every sign and planet, resides in each of us and that one person’s sign is no greater or less than another person’s sign. Each sign, planet, house placement and interaction with each other, has something to teach us about ourselves.


For example another way to bring balance into our lives is to learn from and absorb the energies of the sign that is directly opposite our own Sun Sign.  Most of us know quite a bit about the basics of our own Sun Signs. If we take a little time to learn about the Sign opposite us on the Zodiac Wheel, we not only build on our knowledge of Astrology, we can also choose to embrace and incorporate their balanced characteristic into our lives. Thus assisting us in making stronger choices for our growth and soul’s journey. Sort of the Yin to our Yang!


Fire & Air…Earth & Water!

As you can see from the Zodiac Wheel, all Fire signs are opposite Air Signs and all Earth Signs are opposite Water Signs. The two common denominators they share as opposites are:

  • Each pair of opposite share one of two major human archetypes. They are both either masculine (active and communicative - fire and air), or feminine feminine (nurturing and practical - water and earth).
    Both needing to ensure they balance their opposite archetype, regardless of their own gender. Applying Yin and Yang to all areas of our lives.

  • Each opposite pair shares the same modality…
    Cardinal signs are energetic, dynamic, proactive, and unafraid to try new things. Fixed signs have persistence, perseverance, and immobility, stability and are resistance to change. Mutable signs are flexible, changeable, adaptable, suggestible. They have a talent for being “in the moment” and are good with relationships and the details of day-to-day life.

The relationship between the opposite elements are quite interesting…

Air challenges Fire to stop and think about why they are doing what they are doing. The philosophical side of things is not always a priority for Fire. Alternatively, Fire encourages Air to get up and do something, rather than just sit around and discuss what should be done. Fire signs do not talk about what needs to be done, they just want to do it!

Water reminds Earth that there is more to life than status, facts and the material world. The need for love to be pure and given unconditionally flies in the face of the Earth sign’s love of logic. Earth teaches Water the value of being grounded to achieve stability, practicality and peace.


Aries and Libra will illustrate how Opposites can support each other…
Opposite Aries on the Zodiac Wheel is Libra.  Aries emphasizes personal interests…Libra relies on shared interests. Part of Aries journey is to discover ways to enjoy sharing interests with others, part of Libra’s journey is about enjoying interests of their own.  Aries can learn from Libra to cooperate socially, and value justice, Libra can learn from Aries the value of embracing new ideas and being optimistic. (Cardinal Modalities)

Here are the Other Opposite Signs:

  • Taurus focuses on physical stability…Scorpio upon emotional stability. Taurus learns from Scorpios an uncompromising integrity, Scorpio learns from Taurus patience and tenacity. (Fixed Modalities)

  • Gemini emphasizes the search of knowledge…Sagittarius the quest for wisdom. Gemini learns from Sagittarius to respect social ethics and see the big picture. Sagittarius learns from Gemini initiative and communication skills. (Mutable Modalities)

  • Cancer structures the emotions…Capricorn the physical world. Cancer learns from Capricorn to de-sentimentalize and be highly responsible. Capricorn learns from Cancer a kindness toward others and a devotion to home. (Cardinal Modalities)

  • Leo believes in personal values…Aquarius promotes collective social values. Leo learns from Aquarius to respect group wisdom and avoid idealistic extremes. Aquarius learns from Leo to trust and to share knowledge. (Fixed Modalities)

  • Virgo practices physical self-sacrifice…Pisces declares emotional self-sacrifice. Virgo learns from Pisces to be compassionate in service to others. Pisces learns from Virgo to plan out a day e.g., by making a list of “three” priorities that must be accomplished. Then the rest of the day will work itself out. (Mutable Modalities)

This gives you a foundational look at opposite signs. Imagine how exploring your Sun Sign and Opposite sign further, could teach you even more about yourself and achieving balance in this lifetime. I hope that you will continue to explore your opposite even deeper!


When an element is out of balance is comes down to needing one of two things…Calming or Stimulating. Here are just a few suggestions for the Element of Fire:

    Calming Stones:
    Amber - warm and nurturing energy
    Tiger’s Eye - grounding and calming
    Apache Tears - cleansing, grounding and releasing
    Larimar - cools hot tempers and guides excess passion into peace
    Malachite - maintains emotional balance and enhances one’s willpower

    Stimulating Stones:
    Citrine - activates the mind, stimulates creativity and personal will
    Carnelian - courage, enthusiasm, passion, energy and confidence
    Bumble Bee Jasper - passion and purpose
    Golden Labradorite - awakening and consciousness
    Rhodonite - community love, altruism and generosity

    For a list and links to all our Elemental Stone properties, visit our website.

    Until next month…
    Lots of Love,


    March 31st 2016