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Our Journey - April 2016
Venus...the Goddess of Love!

Unconditional Love...Nurturing Our Inner Child & Mother
April 11, 2016

Our Journey - March 2016
Igniting & Calming Your Fire!

Self-Identity Through Ho'oponopono
March 23, 2016

Our Journey - February 2016
Into the Depths of Mother Earth

Releasing Fears & Finding New Ways to Work with Them
February 10, 2016

Our Journey - January 2016
Balancing the Elements of Your Birth Chart

Manifesting the Best Year of Your Life!
January 5, 2016



In the first “Our Journey” feature, we talked about “Balancing the Elements in Your Birth Chart”. Reviewing last month’s information would be of great value before moving on, as it gives you the big picture perspective of all the Elements.

This month we are going to dive into the depths of Mother Earth. It’s okay if you don’t have your Birth Chart, everyone benefits from the Element of Earth as it is the most foundational element. It is also where I usually recommend everyone start to ensure they are on solid ground before working with the other elements. Even if your Birth Chart shows that this element is in balance, we all go in and out of states of being grounded and balanced. A daily grounding ritual will support you in almost all areas of your life.

If you do have your Birth Chart and your Earth Element is low, under 4, or other elements are really high, be sure to study this info and try out as many grounding exercises and techniques as you can. The Element of Earth helps to balance out all the other elements as well. The important thing for everyone is to find what works best for you and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Regarding Birth Charts, I will be doing up another batch of FREE Birth Charts in Mid March. If you would like to receive a FREE Copy of your Birth Chart, submit your information using our Birth Chart form by March 7th.

Expanding on what I have shared last month, will give you an even stronger foundation and knowledge of the Element of Earth. Connecting with the Earth Element is a great way to reset our energies.


Have you ever thought what it might be like to have a life without Nature?

You may already have or are experiencing the feelings of not being connected to nature if you live in a city or spend any length of time in one.

I have lived in and visited a variety of cities and have had some of my best
experiences in them. The convenience of proximity to everything is great…friends, restaurants, theatre, concerts, sporting events, shopping etc. But the feeling that impacts me the most is when I leave them and am back in nature, whether it is a walk in the woods, hiking or camping  those first few breathes… aahhhhhh!


The fresh air, the sense of calm that washes over you, the oneness you feel with the trees and the birds, the water and oh how about the warmth and smell of campfire! We are so transformed and are so easily able to let go of any stress or craziness that we may have been experiencing. I am certain most of you know the feelings I’m talking about.

This is the energy we need to connect with everyday of our lives! The connection to Mother Earth! The grounding and stabilizing effects she has on us is pure magic! Imagine how we would feel if we choose to incorporate this energy into our lives every day. What would our lives then feel like?

There is another aspect of Earth that is equally as important…Earth is also physicality for us and is the most physical of all the Elemental forces. Representing the manifestation of spirit into form.


Earth nurtures us and provides the means for us to maintain our physical existence, food, shelter etc. and also provides us with a classroom for our souls to experience all the amazing gifts and lessons she has to offer.
I am among the many that believe we are “Spiritual Beings, that have chose to come to Earth to have a Human Experience. To take full advantage of all the gifts Earth has to offer, we need to embrace and experience our physicality. Our physical, emotional, and spiritual health can all be improved by fully experiencing the power of the Earth element.

The Earth element is represented in the body by our bones and tissues.
These are the aspects of our selves that are most physical, dense and mineral rich. Our physical make up of our bones and tissues, is what gives us the ability to feel the energetic vibrations of minerals and stones in our bodies.


The element of Earth allows us to manifest our ideas and act effectively in our lives. It enables us to channel physical vibration through our bodies, accessing that energy through our Earth Star and Root Chakras. The Earth Star Chakra (sometimes called the Earth Heart Chakra) is located approximately six inches below the soles of our feet. It is this chakra that maintains our physicality. It is the transfer point through which we mediate Earth element energy in the body.

The Root or Base chakra is the second Earth element energy vortex in the body. It is located in the sacred triangle formed by the tail bone and our sit” bones on the pelvis. This chakra forms the foundation of the energetic system, being the first chakra on the spinal column. This chakra represents issues of survival, being in one’s body, and the end result of manifestation.

Balancing the Earth Element energy within the body is extremely important for overall health.

When we deny the Earth element or attempt to escape the physical body we become prone to all kinds of imbalances on the physical, spiritual, and emotional levels. Refer to our Earth Element webpage for what those imbalances tend to look like.

When we begin working with the Earth element and Earth Element Stones, certain issues to may arise. These will be related to survival issues such as re-experiencing extreme physical trauma that has been stored in the cells, gaining insight into the issues that underlie money or manifestation problems, birth trauma, deep fear associated with being in body, and similar issues.

Positive results from working with the Earth element include: feeling more effective and an increased ability to take action, taking positive action to increase the health and wellbeing of the physical body, gaining deep insight into issues relating to work vs. Life work, as well as issues relating to manifestation blockages. Other effects include feeling more physical strength and stamina, feeling the desire to be connected with nature and the Earth, connecting with the energies of stones and the Earth more strongly, and an increased ability to take action on spiritual direction and purpose.

Resources to Strengthen Your Earth Element

On our Earth Element Page, we have already made a few suggestions. To further support your journey, here are a few resources you may find helpful…


The term grounding means connecting to the Earth. We can do this physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Although I highly recommend all of the above, what I am specifically referring to right now is physically. The Earth is an organic and inorganic system that is constantly bathing all life on the planet, with its Electromagnetic Energy Field. It is the natural tendency of all living organisms to bring their energy into resonance with the Earth’s Energy Field and be in harmony with our external environment, and find our place within this system. Whether we feel it or not, every single moment we are taking part in a process of coupling with other energies and finding some sort of balance with in that space.

The challenge that we are faced with today, is that most of our day is spent indoors completely disconnected from the Earth. Not to mention that we are constantly exposing ourselves to machines and technology that is blasting us with electromagnetic radiation. Fortunately we can chose practices that connect us to the Earth to create a healthier state of being.

EARTHING is a Book that can deepen your knowledge and shares tons of ideas and ways to get connected and grounded! Walking, Tree Hugging…

Here is a link to get a free Beginners Guide to Earthing ebook


Earthing Throw with Free Book!

Connect with Earth’s nurturing Eletromagnetic Energy while working or at home. Great for the winter when its just too cold or wet to be outside. Many other products are also available. Found this on and has free shipping.


This is a great way to start your day! There are many free meditations online. I like to change it up every so often. There are also many people locally that have terrific Meditation CD’s

They support us by assisting us to ground and stabilize our energies, as well as to manifest our desires into physical reality. I believe we all should connect and carry or wear a grounding stone. Our lives can get a little crazy at times and as you probably know by now. This is the Element that will help to calm the crazy.

There are quite a large variety of Earth Element Stones to choose from. Visit our Elemental Stones page for a complete listing of what we carry.

I hope that the resources I have shared are of value to you. It’s time to move from the depths of the Earth, to share a bit with you about Pisces.

Born February 19th - March 20th?
Here’s a little extra for all you beautiful Pisces people!


Happy Birthday to all my family, friends and Visions in the Woods Members born with the Sun in the Sign of Pisces! Wishing you a year filled with abundance and peace!

Sacred Journey Birth Stones


Want to know the Sacred Stones that are most common to your Sun Sign?

I have prepared a list of Sacred Journey Birth Stones that are linked to our Astrological Sun Signs instead of the monthly calendar. Birth Stones linked to your Sun Sign and Birth Chart have much more significance and power for us than general monthly stones created by the jewelry industry. I have also added a bit of info about how the Traditional Birthstones came to be, so you can also see that some stones, apply and others don’t.

If you are considering a Birth Stone as part of a gift, this is a great list to utilize. Visit Visions in the Woods Birth Stones page and also remember to always trust your intuition.

I have also shared a few characteristics about the beautiful Pisceans in our lives, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of that page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at  I welcome your questions, thoughts and feedback!

Until next time!
Lots of love, Deborah

February 16th 2016