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January 5, 2016



Many of us have seen “The Secret” movie and even put some of the principles into practice. But when was the last time you watched it and made a conscious effort to incorporate its principles? If you have never, it’s an absolute must! If you have but its been awhile, I highly recommend re-watching it. This movie and its concepts have changed my life, as it has for many others.

I re-watched it with a few of my Soul-Sistas, a couple of months ago, and it was crazy how perfectly timed it was for us. It was such a great refresher and reminder of the importance of practicing the principles to keep us on our manifesting track! In addition to our discussions, we set some awesome intentions which happened to be an incredible turning point for me last year. Simple actions can have the most profound impact!


So I thought what better way to start off the year, and introduce my new Blog, than by shining a light on The Law of Attraction, in hopes that others will also benefit from it. Timing is everything right?

You can find “The Secret” on Netflix, or perhaps someone in your circle of friends will have a copy. How about hosting your own “Secret Party” to help others as well?

I also want to share a list I found of 100 Quotes from the Movie, that a beautiful person took the time to compile. It’s a great tool to use while watching the movie to highlight the areas you really connect with and make notes. Then after the movie it can be used to write affirmations for yourself and to set your own intentions.

Here is the link to the list “100 Quotes from The Secret!”

When the practices of the Law of Attraction are incorporated into our daily lives, magic happens! I believe that watching The Secret, setting clear intentions, being conscious of our thoughts (what we think about, we bring about), feeling good about what we are doing, getting support from like-minded people and working with crystals, all support us Spiritual Beings to be on the right path and to get everything we need from our Human Experience.


For all you crystal lovers out there, consider utilizing Selenite to assist you in Manifesting the Best Year of Your Life!


Selenite is a magical stone that will help you align your actions with your soul’s true purpose. This powerful, crystal will protect you from suffering from a lack of self-esteem and self-doubt, as well as cleanse all negative energy and thoughts, as you move forward on your journey to manifesting what you desire.

Selenite can also be programmed with a specific intention, to match what you want to bring about. To program, simply hold your selenite stone on or above your crown chakra and clearly state the intention you wish to manifest, asking the Selenite to support you on your journey. Visualize and feel what it would be like to manifest this desire. Breathe this energy into your stone. Keep this stone with you for as long as you feel you need to and practice “The Secret” principles. See what happens! Click here to learn more about Selenite.

We all have the ability to Manifest the Best Year of Our Lives, it just takes a little discipline and practice. Remember…what we think about, we bring about!

Email me at to share your manifesting experiences, I would love to hear from you!

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Happy Manifesting!

Lots of Love,

January 5th 2016